Become an Individual member of BILT

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Buffalo Immigrant Leadership Team.

Membership Benefits

Individuals, congregations and other organizations that join BILT benefit from membership in the following ways:

  • Actively lead and participate in BILT campaigns addressing critical issues for the immigrant and refugee community in Buffalo and Erie County.
  • Develop leadership skills and learn to use the tools of community organizing through training workshops.  These will be conducted at the local, regional and national levels by Faith in Action, a national network of faith-based community organizations, of which BILT is an affiliate.  They will be offered free or at a highly discounted rate to BILT members.
  • Establish and build relationships with individuals, congregations, and institutions outside the member’s usual community setting.  
  • Work with other individuals and institutions to identify social justice issues, organize around common values, work together toward solutions and community transformation.
  • Experience personal development and empowerment through training and experience working on BILT’s campaigns.

Individual Members

The most important opportunity for individual members is active participation in one or more of BILT’s issue campaigns.  There are also opportunities to expand BILT’s membership base and increase its financial stability.

We encourage people to join as individuals, even if they belong to congregations or organizations that have become Institutional Members of BILT.

Financial support is not required for membership, but is strongly encouraged.  Our long-term financial sustainability depends on having a regular basis of local support.  Please consider making a financial commitment as part of becoming a BILT individual member.  

If you are interested in becoming a member, but are unable to financially contribute, please email Grace Karambizi at 

Financial Support

If you are currently unable to financially support but would like to become a member, please click on the button below.