Minister Denise O. Walden

Minister Denise O. Walden

Community Organizer

All the children are well! My name is Minister Denise O. Walden. I am first & foremost a woman of faith, who also happens to be a mom, and the Community Organizer for VOICE Buffalo. I have been a member of the Buffalo community for over 10 years. This is my home, and the community where I have chosen to plant myself and raise my sons. I am dedicated to empowering, educating, supporting, uplifting, and creating equity and justice in our community. I am a true believer in “it takes a village” and in a community where one out of every three boys of color will end up incarcerated, I say I have to do my part in creating the change and future I want to see for my black sons.

As a single mom, I found my professional start here in Buffalo because I had a need to learn how to navigate the BPS educational system and special education services.  I quickly grew from being a mom, to a Parent Leader, to an Advocate, to a Senior Community Health Worker, to a Facilitator/Curriculum and Program Developer/ Manager, to a Restorative Justice Trainer and Facilitator, and the list continues.

Professionally, I have both volunteered as a leader, as well as worked with or for local social justice organizations including: Open Buffalo, Voice Buffalo, NOAH, PUSH & CEJ.

My life is proof that all you have to do is knock, trusting the right door will open at the right time!

My priorities: Faith, Family & Future.  I use my faith to motivate me to do what I need to strengthen not just my family, but all families and build a bright future for our community.

“It is easier to raise strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglas